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Financial Life & Estate Planning

Our professional and experienced attorneys will be sure that you are prepared for everything. Think you’re not rich enough to need a will? Think Again!

How It Works

Our estate planning practice includes the preparation of wills, trusts, and other planning documents that individuals need to protect their assets after their death or during incapacity. So that we can determine your needs, we offer a short phone or online video consultation where we can decide what sort of plan is the best fit for you and your family. Most of our clients that require planning end up needing several documents; therefore we offer flat-rate packages so that you know exactly what you are going to pay. 

Competitive Pricing

These flat rate packages generally include standard full service options but will be tailored to your personal situation.

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Protect Your Assets after death or during incapacity.


Set Up A Plan That Will Ensure Financial Stability & Security For A Beneficiary.

Our All Inclusive Packages

Plan Caters To Clients Who:
Clients with no real estate ownership.
Total assets of less than $100,000.
Clients who wish for state to go through probate.

Will Based Estate Plan

$ 1200 $1500 for couples
  • Planning Meeting
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Durable Power Of Attorney
  • Advanced Directive
  • Authorization Of Release Of Medical Records
  • Final Disposition Instructions
  • Complete Instructions On How To Handle Estate Plan
  • Personalized Estate Planning Binder
  • Digital Copies of Entire Plan
  • Support After Document Signing
Plan Caters To Clients Who:
Combined assets of more than $100,000.
Wish to avoid probate.

Will Based Estate Plan

$ 2000 $2300 for couples
  • Planning Meeting
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Certification Of Living Trust
  • Pour-over Will(s) & Testament
  • Durable Power Of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive(s)
  • Authorization Of Release Of Medical Records
  • Final Disposition Instructions
  • Assignment Of Personal Property
  • Delaration Of Trust
  • Assignment Of Business Interests
  • Nomination Of Guardians For Minor Children
  • Trust Transfer Deed (1 personal residence)
  • Complete Summary Of Your Estate Plan
  • Filing Of Trust Transfer Deed with County
  • Final Signing Meeting
  • Written Instructions On Handling Estate Plan
  • Personalized Estate Plan Binder
  • Digital Copies Of Entire Plan
  • Support After Signing Documents

If a package doesn’t sound right for you or you only need a single standalone document prepared, it can be billed at an hourly rate with an agreed “not to exceed” condition in the client engagement agreement. Additionally, reviews of and amendments to already established estate plans, title or deed changes not included in the list above, re-registration of business ownership interests, trust administration services, and all other additional services not included in the flat rate packages offered can also be obtained at hourly rates.

Please note that the flat-rate package example above does not include planning
for estates that exceed the exemptions for Federal Estate Tax.  Large estates such as these require comprehensive tax planning, potential insurance and sub-trusts creation, and other services and will be considered on a case by case basis.